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Vyom Chakra

The Album Vyom Chakra is what every Hardcore Metal Fan desires: a totally “headbang-able” compilation of insane music that could drive one to the bounds of eccentricity, that could send a jolt up the spinal cord and engage the listener in a world of high voltage metal.

The EP consists of five tracks (seven in the bonus CD). The Theme is Vedic Metal, introducing a Rudra-esque vibe with a heavier twist on the vocals. The guitar work is superb, the bass compliments each track, the drums have received huge plaudits due to the fact most people think it’s been prerecorded, but they were in actuality recorded live and the drummer has got that much talent! The vocals are distinct and can be heard over the guitars and bass: a challenge to Metal bands.

The first song in the EP is Narakas which is short and sweet and introduces the tone of the EP. It starts off slow with guitars being strummed in harmonium in the background before it rises to a crescendo and then concludes with a smooth transition to the next track, Daksha. Daksha begins to set the pace of the EP with the brilliant fusion of all the instruments. One can feel the drummer’s vibe, and relate to him at another level because he is insane and performs terrifically well! The vocals are supra awesome, transcending the boundaries of super. It does not quiet down as we go onto the next track, Arkasodara and then Kalasamhara, I before the conclusion of the epic metal album Samdhi.

Most listeners of the album have hailed Samdhi their favorite, stating the guitars tune them up and it follows the suit of brilliant drum-ship and bass work.

MEMetalHead Verdict: An album worth listening to any day. Topped the Reverbenation Charts, the first real East African Metal Ensemble, what more can we say? It will leave you dazed and wanting to discover more about Vedic scripture.

Released 2011
Format CD
Added on Thursday, 18 October 2012 04:35
Genre Heavy Metal
Price 0.00 Dhs
Length 32:58
N° of discs 1
Edition date 2011
Country Kenya
Catalog Number
Edition Details

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